Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fit and Fresh

I know its a new year and it's typical for everyone to start with a clean slate but that's my goal for 2013. I want eat healthy and exercise more often. It's going to be hard for sure, but with dedication and hard work, I'm sure I can do it, and it's not only about losing weight but it's about being healthy overall.

Eating the right foods, adding more vegetables to my dishes, exercising more whether it be walking or running and just being fit. Starting with drinking more water. I drink water all day, everyday. I no longer drink any soft drinks. Yay for me!!

Next, is just getting the right work out clothing to be comfortable and not feeling so restricted when exercising. I'm a working mom and go to school on the side, I try to manage my time by fitting in a couple minutes to exercise. I either try to workout to Insanity, jog around the block or just do squats in my garage with a couple jumping jacks, crunches and sit-ups.  A little goes a long way trust me. 

If we put our mind we can accomplish this just believe in yourselves!!

Hope this post helps and motivates you.

Till next time.......................xoxo

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