Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Letting go of my insecurities!

Hi guys!!! 

Let the weekend begin. This week was super fun and chill. I finally did the unexpected and decided to wear a bathing suit to the beach. For those that know me, you know that I don't like to wear bathing suits because I've never been happy with my body. Ever since I had kids, I've been ashamed and my stretch marks and how I've gained weight throughout the years.  

Being a mom of two daughters, I can't say it's not easy. I have to remind them and teach them to love themselves and their bodies. Body positivity is important to me when it comes to raising my girls. I'm glad I am able to share with you guys what' I've gone through and how my body has changed. Having kids was the best thing ever for me, I love being a mother and it changed my body completely. Having stretch marks, I use to dread wearing a bathing suit. I hated it and felt so self-conscious about how people looked at me because I was not skinny. I'm no size 0 but I am a size 8 and can proudly wear a bathing suit now and show my scars. 

You don't have to be perfect and no one is. I love how I am able to share this with my daughters and let her know that the perfect body doesn't exist and they are perfect just the way they are. Letting go of my struggles and sharing them with you is the best form of therapy for me. I'm happy and enjoying life as it comes. 

Here is my beautiful body in this Neon Lime Scalloped Halter Top With High Waist Bikini
Shein: http://bit.ly/2Qwp95s Search ID: 732416

Thank you, Shein, for allowing me to be brave!!! 

Until next time................... Xoxo 

Monday, June 17, 2019

Express Factory Outlet Shopping Experience

Hi guys!!! 

In today's post, I'm bringing you guys along and sharing my Express Factory Outlet haul. I was given Express Next Rewards to shop their amazing summer deals. So, first, I wanted to make sure I had a local Express Factory Outlet nearby and the closest one I found was in Westminster, CA by searching here: http://bit.ly/EFOStores . 

The store is full of Summer pieces and a variety of colors. You all know, I don't wear a lot of colors but wanted to explore and get out of my comfort zone. I started to get ideas of what I was looking for and went crazy. They save so many summer dresses, light tops for the summer days and so many scandals to choose from. 

Once I picked out several outfits, I went to the fitting rooms. The staff was super friendly and helped me find all I needed to make my try-on session super smooth. 

I can't wait to show you guys want I went with. This outfit was so much fun. Also, they are giving me a Ring Code for my followers but in-store only and must be at Express Factory Outlets, exclusions apply and not valid while there is a store-wide sale. 
Use Ring Code" 9445

Thank you Express Factory Outlet for the outfit. I had so much fun shopping, of course! 

Watch my IGTV Haul Video here

What I Wore: 

Until next time..................... Xoxo 

Friday, June 14, 2019

Private Screening of Grand Hotel and OOTD!

Hi Guys!! 

Happy Friday! 

I wanted to share with you guys my experience in attending a special event hosted by @hm_comms, @abcnetwork, and NALIP. I was invited to attend a special advance screening of  ABC's new drama show "Grand Hotel". We were able to meet the cast and enjoyed a wonderful reception after. 

Feliz Ramirez who plays Carolina on the show 

Watching the first episode, I was already hooked. This show is full of drama, mystery and so much sexiness. Be ready to be hooked as well when it premieres on June 17 on ABC Network at 10 pm (PST). 

As always, we get treated so good with refreshments, drinks, and goodies. I love attending these events also because I was able to network with so many people which is always the best part. 

Thanks again @hm_comms, @abcnetwork and NALIP for hosting us! 

Outfit Deets: 

SHEIN Shirred Trim Floral Smock Dress

http://bit.ly/2JINQel Search ID: 657430
Use promo code Q2FASHIONISTA for 15% off on Shein.com

Until next time.............. Xoxo 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Summer ready with Shein Swimwear!

Hi guys !!! 

Happy Tuesday!! 

So yesterday, the weather in Cali was amazing, and since we were in Vegas all this past weekend, we decided to take an extra day off to enjoy a day at the beach. Seriously, the weather was perfect. Kids loved it, of course, they enjoyed the water and the weather. 

You can tell it's beginning to feel and look like summer and so glad I found the perfect swimsuit for this summer season. I found it on SheIn website here. 

You guys, this bathing suit is super comfortable and fits just right. It covers just enough in all the right places. So glad Shein Swimwear is available online and they have a huge selection of pieces to choose from and a wide variety of styles, here

You can find me poolside with a margarita on hand or at the beach!

Outfit details: 

http://bit.ly/2JkPRwU search ID: 719077
http://bit.ly/2LRnXL8 search ID: 702202

Also, enter #sheinbeachseason to win a gift card from Shein
Make sure to use code SHSW169 for 15 % off !! 
Happy shopping! 

Until next time............ Xoxo 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

SebaMed Skincare Products Review

Hi Guys!!! 

Happy Tuesday!! 

In today's post, it's all about skincare. I'm trying SebaMed products and letting you guys know my thoughts on their line. I was contacted by them to send me some goodies. They carry a variety of skincare products and vary for skin types. I have acne prone skin and I wanted them to send me what they thought was best for my skincare type. 

They were gracious enough to send me their hero products for acne-prone skin which included: 

  • Face and Body wash
  • Cleansing Foam
  • Moisturizing face cream 
  • Facial Toner 
  • Lifting eye cream 
So, first I removed my makeup with a makeup wipe and a cleansing balm. Then I washed my face using the cleansing foam. After using the foam, my skin didn't feel stripped out, it felt clean and nice, not too dry. The toner did remove access dirt and residue left behind, it wasn't tingly at all and also, felt fresh. Then I went in with the face cream. This cream is rich and super hydrating. If felt good with the amount I used on my face. Then, I went in with the eye cream. I didn't feel anything different after applying my eye cream. With eye creams, keep in mind, they take about 28-30 days to see results. This cream says it's "lifting" so I will keep on using this eye cream in my skincare routine and hopefully see results after 30 days. 

Overall, I liked the products. I did favor the face cream because I love rich creams at night. Although I do have oily skin, it's okay for me to use a heavy cream overnight. 

Don't forget to check out my IGTV video, demo on how I apply products. 

Thank you, SebaMed for the goodies!! 

Until next time........... Xoxo 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Beauty 101 and #OOTD

Hi guys!!! 

I hope you guys had a great weekend so far. So today, I attend my very first Beauty 101 event in LA and it was so much fun. It was the perfect way to spend my Sunday afternoon. The drive wasn't bad at all and the weather was gloomy but good in a way. 

This event was offering so many services like lash extensions, getting your makeup done, 15 min massage and food and drinks to enjoy. I really enjoyed my time and I was glad I was able to attend. 

The best part, my outfit!!! 

Figure Print Cami with Pants from Shein.com!!! 
http://bit.ly/2HFpSOI Search ID: 512768
@sheinofficial @shein_us
Make sure you use code Q2fashionista (Extra 15% off any purchase, and valid from April 1st - June 30th). 

Until next time............... Xoxo 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Brunch Cruise hosted by Hornblower Cruises and Socal Blogger Babes

Hi guys!!!! 

How is everyone feeling this Tuesday morning? 

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend, I sure did. We started the weekend by attending this cruise in Marina del Rey. It was hosted by Hornblower Cruises, and the weather was amazing and the timing was just right. We left the marina by 12:30 pm and cruised around the shore for about two hours. 

We enjoyed their beautiful buffet of salads, steak, salmon eggs, potatoes and fresh fruit with a variety of desserts bites. The best part, their vanilla ice cream topped with a chocolate crepe and fresh berries. OMG, this was amazingly good!!! 

I attended this beautiful cruise with several bloggers from Socal Blogger babes and we definitely enjoyed ourselves. We took pictures of the views, of us and of everything else. Seriously, it was my first brunch experience on a cruise and I loved it. I can't wait to plan another cruise with the hubby and me. 

Thank you Hornblower Cruises and Socal Blogger Babes for hosting us!!! 

Until next time........... Xoxo 

Letting go of my insecurities!

Hi guys!!!  Let the weekend begin. This week was super fun and chill. I finally did the unexpected and decided to wear a bathing suit t...