Monday, August 26, 2013

BeautyCon Los Angeles, 2013

So on Saturday my good friend Rosie (check out her blog here) and I drove up to LA to attend Beauty Con. We arrived early and already there was a long line. We seriously waited 5-6 hours (I know, crazy!) but it was something we wanted to experience, get a chance to take pictures with some YouTubers and enjoy a fabulous day in LA.

Beauty Con was where the beauty and fashion internet came to life. We able to hear industry professionals, talk to our favorite YouTube gurus and of course shop. A lot of YouTube gurus, celebrities and bloggers were in attendance. 

With the gorgeous Sonia Castaneda- truly gorgeous in person! 

Nicole Guerriero- so genially sweet! 

Kandee Johnson and I - love her! Second time meeting her and she remembered me.... :-)

 The venue was great, it had three floors of fashion, beauty and lifestyle vendors. They also had some cute photo stations where you were able to take pictures and email them to yourself. They had a candy bar station and waters sporadically spread around the venue. My favorite station was the third floor, this was the rooftop and it had an amazing view of the city of angels. You could even see the Hollywood sign, it was break taking! 

Goodie Bag - we had to give a $10 donation- wasn't that impressed but oh well. 

Overall we enjoyed it, next time I know we need to arrive earlier and take some comfortable shoes because walking in some wedges wasn't that comfortable at all but anything in the name of beauty!

Till next time.....................xoxo 


  1. omg so cool! you both look so pretty! how come I don't get your blog alerts?


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