Thursday, September 23, 2010

sole searching

Now that fall has arrived, I need to start working on updating my shoe options. I have created my own wish list which needs to get done before fall leaves us behind.

Forever 21
1. Lace Up Ankle Boot
$24.80 USD2. Suedette Heel
$24.80 USD
3. Wedges-Very Volatile Outlaw
Color: Camel
$70.00 USD

Vince Camuto
4. Miller Black (also come in tan/brown color)
$118.00 USD
5. Saran2 Leopard
$98.00 USD

Noticed my picks are mostly in black???!! I try to always go with the safe side which of course its black and it helps that it goes with anything. My fave options are 1, 3 & 4. Can't wait to get them and try an "outfit of the day" post.

Till next time bloggies................xoxo

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