Tuesday, September 21, 2010

to rain or not to rain??

Living in Southern CA is great but when it comes to the weather we rarely get to really see all the changes. Don't get me wrong, I love living here specially around summertime but when it comes to fall, I really do wish we can feel what fall is all about like in the East Coast.

Hunter Boots, cute coat to match, scarfs and much more.....
So tell me what do you love most about fall???
till next time bloggies.....xoxo

1 comment:

  1. Hi friend, I'm so glad you're blogging more often now, Yay, I'm your first follower...I totally agree, sometimes we can't wear our nice heavy coats until December because it doesn't get cold until very late in the year. My favorite thing about Fall definitely is the clothes, boots, pretty sweaters, and dresses with leggings/tights. Great post!


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