Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Instant Manicure, sure why not?!

I was excited and tempted to try this look for a while and I finally bought my very first pack from Forever21, Love & Beauty line.  This was the only print I saw and it was more affordable then the Sally Hansen Salon Effects. 

This is what is included in the packaging.

The final outcome.

Overall, I liked the outcome but it was to much work for me.  The stickers only lasted awhile before they started to chip.  Remember I'm a mommy, so my duties consists of playing with kids, washing, cleaning and doing laundry, and once I started doing some of these tasks, that's when they started to chip.  I didn't last the whole day with them.  I'm glad they were only a few bucks because for me it was money not well spent. 

Till  next time..........................xoxo

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