Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Angels Spring Training 2017 in Tempe, AZ - Weekend Getaway

So because we are huge Angels Baseball fans we decided to hit the road and visit them in Tempe, AZ to watch a couple games during spring training. This was our second year doing this and my kids love it especially my boy. He's a huge baseball fan and loves the game. 

We left California this past Friday and arrived safely in Tempe, AZ on Friday Morning. Checked into our hotel and met up with a cousin for lunch. The Arizona weather was great, wasn't hot at all, it was just perfect. 

Our first game was going to be in the evening so we had plenty of time to rest up and change into our baseball gear. They won that night which was perfect. Second day was Saturday afternoon and this was our first experience in the lawn area. We liked it but not a fan of the grass area. Although my son did enjoy it because during the angels hitting warm ups, he was able to catch some home run hits. 

Overall, this weekend was great! We loved every piece of it and it's all about making memories. 

Until next time..... Xoxo 

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