Thursday, October 20, 2016

Now & Then: 90s Edition

I was having a conversation with someone this weekend and I mentioned the 90's (Circa Clueless) style is back in and they laughed. Let me tell you, I love people watching, but I do it because I get inspired by what they are wearing. I observe their jewelry, the shoes, how they style a certain pair of Jeans, the hair, that's just my mind working. 

Well at the concert this weekend, we were noticing a trend, that trend was a Flannel. Almost everyone was wearing a flannel, either they had it wrapped around their waist or they had it on top of their concert T-Shirt. 

Now, if you go out and go to the mall, the park, or something were a lot of people are going to gather around, you start noticing that I am right, the 90s are back. Have you noticed girls wearing chokers, umm hello! 

 90's: Grunge Look                                                            Now: Grunge Look

Slip Dresses are in and chokers

Just saying, I'm a fashion enthusiast and when it comes to trends and fads, I know! 

Till next time.................Xoxo 

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