Sunday, October 30, 2016

Saint Pablo Tour Experience

..........................and just like that, we are back to normal.

But last Thursday night was epic. We began with a ride to LA in traffic during rush hour. No worries, we were all hyped and just anxious to get there so we didn't mind it at all. We finally arrived and the vibe, as soon as you exit the freeway, is way different. I think in general the LA scene is way different than the OC. 

As we are walking to the Forum taking pictures the crowds were already there. We waited 2 hours before they could let us in but casually enjoyed people watching, the atmosphere and some drinks. 

Finally, they let us into the venue. We found our seats and wait another hour for the show to begin. As soon as the lights turned off that's when the entire crowd started screaming and we screamed, "MR.WEST IS IN THE BUILDING!!" 

The entire show was amazing. Like I've said it before, I've been a fan of Kanye's music, his ego and his lifestyle. I love how he's not afraid to speak his mind. Not everyone likes him but what can I say. 

Concert was an hour and a half and the entire time we were standing up dancing, singing and cheering Kanye on. It was definitely a concert I will never forget. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed with my sister, her BF and my nephew. Felt a little old, but that's okay, I'm young at heart. 

Till next time............Xoxo 

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