Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Weekend Vibes!

This weekend was actually well spent. We went to a concert to see Sublime with Rome & Offspring with my husband's cousin and his girlfriend. It was a different experience but well worth it. I went with an open mind and actually enjoyed the entire concert.

We arrived one hour earlier, had couple drinks in the parking lot, took pictures (of course) and had some snacks.

A small band opened and then Offspring performed. Their entire lineup was actually better than Sublime's. Their energy was lit, literally!! Of course the mosh pits were in full force and concert goers were hyped. With every song the band played the entire crowd sure enjoyed it. 

Then finally the main band came out, Sublime with Rome. Of course I sang along to the songs I knew but even then, just went along with the flow. It's a concert, everyone was having a great time and you couldn't go wrong with dancing to the beat. 

I did take a lot of pictures but unfortunately I used snapchat, and we all know what happened next. When you are trying to take it all in, you forget what you need to capture, but hopefully you enjoy the little pictures I posted here.

Like my daughter always says when she's having a good day, "It's the best day ever!" And believe it our not, I did think that to myself at the end of the night.

Till next time..............................Xoxo

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