Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day Celebration

I feel this holiday shouldn't even exist. My husband and I are always celebrating our love and constantly trying to keep our marriage alive so for us it was just another date night. 

We decided to go to a local restaurant at the @packingdistrict in Anaheim and get a bite to eat and some drinks . We definitely enjoy it every time we're together and yesterday was another one to add to the books. 

Started off at @UmamiBurger for some appetizers and drinks. 

 Then moved over to @eccopizzeriaCM for another round of drinks! 

.... and finally ended the night with some dessert from @rockymtnchocinc, Chocolate Covered Strawberries of course, my fave! 

Always good times! 

Until next time........ Xoxo  

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