Thursday, November 17, 2016

Best duo, currently!

Let me explain to you, my skin is really oily and I normally try to control it buy focusing on using skincare products that will, A. control the oily and B. mattify my skin. 

I discovered the rose water by Mario Badescu through my friend. She gifted it to me a while back for my birthday and I have re-bought the bottle three times already. The smell of rose water is refreshing and it's a nice toner to bring back some radiance to my skin. Because I use a mattifying toner at night I don't want my skin looking so dry in the morning. So I spritz a couple sprays and before moisturizing. Then I use my Sunday Riley Brightening Cream. This brings back my skin to life while plumping the skin. 

It took me a while to get my skin to where it is today, but seriously focus on products that will work for your skin type. Also, with skincare products, you don't see results right away. You at least have to give it a month and you will definitely start seeing changes to your skin, trust me. 

Till next time....................Xoxo 

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