Monday, January 2, 2017

Quick getaway, destination Vegas!!

What was going to be a family trip, ended up being a quick date night trip to Vegas! It was the quickest trip ever but definitely worth it. We normally take the kids everywhere with us but this time hubby and I decided we need some along time. 

Left Wednesday morning and came back Thursday night. Of course we missed the kids but enjoyed the time off from them. We have three kids and all of our time and attention is devoted to them so with this trip we made sure my husband and I enjoyed every minute of us. I know it sounds cheesy but trust me when you have kids, it's hard to get 5 minutes of alone time, trust me!! 

With that said, I will share some pictures of our trip. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, had dinner at Pink Taco and went shopping the day after. Seriously, best trip ever! 

Can't wait to go back!! 

Till next time........... Xoxo 

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