Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Snow bathing in Big Bear, CA

I finally had a day off yesterday and decided to drive up to Big Bear, CA. We spent the day playing in the snow and exploring the city. The weather was gorgeous. My kids enjoyed it so much, and at this age, is just about making memories for them.

We left the house and hit the freeway a little after 9 am and took us less than two hours. Going up the mountain is always scary because of the elevation and the windy road. I'm always afraid of the kids getting car sick or something but luckily that hasn't happened to us. 

My family. 

I was able to take some pictures of our family outing. Hope you guys like them. 

Snowbathing... the best!! 

Loving this picture, thanks to hubby for the photo and idea! 

Until next time........ Xoxo 

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